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Top Home Design Trends for 2019

February 12, 2019

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Author: Jameson Doris

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Industrial chic meets rustic aesthetic—that's the home design forecast for 2019. This year, according to the Zillow Home Trend Forecast, expect less focus on organic, farmhouse design elements and more materials like concrete and metal accented with rustic touches.

Here are the top design trends to look out for this year:

Warm Modernism

Expect a shift this year. Designers are anticipated to move away from the overtly rustic interiors that were so popular in 2018, replaced by the raw materials and stark contrasts that are common qualities of modernism. Don't expect rustic design to go away altogether, though—warm, farmhouse touches to offset this harshness will likely be popular as well.

Industrial Vibes

Metal and concrete are forecast to be two of the most common materials used to design spaces this year. Zillow notes, however, that the use of blues and grays will help to add another layer of contrast.

Organic Maker Accents

Earthy accents are going to play an especially important role in home design this year, as the harsher elements of modernism will need something to soften them. Handmade pieces, as well as rugs and wall hangings, are the perfect antidote and should be on every designer's radar this year.

Smart Home Technology

Smart speakers and other voice-activated products fit nicely into this projected rise in modernism. Expect to see a rise in the popularity of smart appliances in kitchens.

Space to Disconnect

With all the connected devices that many have in their homes now, it's a great idea to have that one space in your house that is completely disconnected. Zillow predicts that designated calm and quiet rooms, with colored lights and acoustic paneling, will likely see a rise in popularity this year.

On the other end of the spectrum, the company suggests leaving bold color schemes in 2018 and focusing on the more subtle palettes and earthy tones of rustic design.